The mission of the National Education and Empowerment Coalition is to develop and promote communication and advocacy skills via conferences, workshops and educational programs that will empower individuals to recognize the moral imperative in creating a more civil society where diversity and inclusion are embraced. 


The National Education and Empowerment Coalition’s vision is based on the theme Rise, Advocate, Educate and Cooperate, and is designed to inspire individuals and community organizations across racial lines to become engaged and positive contributors to society. The vision of the National Education and Education Coalition is intended to ignite a spirit of conversation, cooperation, collaboration, and community service among present and future leaders of America.

Founding Board of Directors

(January 2014 - December 2014)

Lawrence N. Adams
Dr. Linda Beito
Attorney Robert Gibbs

Georgette M. Norman


Board of Directors

 (January 2017 - Present)

Terry Carter

​Dr. Ron Scott

Dora Tilles


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

(January 2014 - Present)

Dr. Keith Dwight Parker​